Schneider Optics Announces Two New Dealers in Germany

Schneider becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of Chrosziel

Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

Industrial Filters

Schneider B+W Filters have a long and successful history of meeting the needs of professional and amateur photographers alike. Now Schneider Industrial Filters have been specifically designed to satisfy all the requirements of industrial users in research, engineering and production.

These filters feature improved optical quality, are provided with detailed technical parameters, and have passed a strict quality assurance process. Click on the links below to learn more about the types of filters available.


Bandpass Filter (Interference)



Edge Filter (UV & IR Cut)

Neutral Density Filter

Color Filter (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Infrared)


Sensor Cover Glass

Anti-Reflection Coatings

Filter Mounts