Installation Instructions:
.3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter - 58mm Thread

.3X Fisheye Adapter - 58mm Thread

1. Remove the front and rear lens cap.

2. Tighten the lock knob and thread the fisheye lens onto the camcorder.

3. When the fisheye is tight on the camcorder, loosen the lock knob and rotate the fisheye so that the large wings are centered top and bottom. Once properly adjusted, you should not need to readjust the lens again on your camera. Note: Vignetting (dark or missing corners) may occur if the sunshade is not oriented correctly.

4. Re-tighten the lock knob.

5. If the lock knob is not accessible, after Step 2, make a pencil mark on the rotating collar where the top is and remove the fisheye. Position the top wing in the middle of the mark on the rotating collar and tighten the lock knob. Thread the lens onto the camcorder.

6. When not in use or removed, reinstall the lens caps in order to protect the lens.