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Cinematographer Interviews

Schneider Optics manufactures the finest filters and optical accessories available today. However, these quality products would be nothing without the people who use them. Here you will find interviews with some of today's top cinematographers who regularly use Schneider products.

Bill Bennett Interview  

Bill Bennett, ASC

"The Schneider ND Attenuator is quite the amazing tool, particularly for digital sensors."

Randall Einhorn Interview  

Randall Einhorn

"The Schneider HD Classic Soft is the perfect tool that will make the good things good, and the bad things better."

Jon Fauer Interview  

Jon Fauer, ASC

"When you need to be able to read the label at the end of a product shot in a commercial, the best way to go is the Achromatic Diopters."

Michael Goi Interview  

Michael Goi, ASC

"When shooting outdoors, the Platinum filters really help get rid of the red tones in the skin and the discolorations you often find in the background."

Francis Kenny Interview  

Francis Kenny, ASC

"I love Schneider One-Stop Linear Polarizers for interiors. They allow me to handle the occasional cross-light shine on complexions without having to deal with lighting."

James Mathers Interview  

James Mathers

"Despite improved filtration built into RED's new MX sensor, Schneider IR filters are still essential to consistently ensure true blacks when shooting in bright sunlight with heavy ND."

Stan McClain Interview  

Stan McClain

"When shooting aerials you often have to pan/tilt/zoom on one shot where a sky three to four stops brighter than the ocean. Using one of the most underrated filters available, the Blended Attenuators, makes the shifts almost invisible."

George Mooradian Interview  

George Mooradian, ASC

"The DigiCon allows my colorist more of a range to play with and to create a stronger, richer image."

Don A. Morgan Interview  

Don A. Morgan, ASC

"When shooting a multi-camera series you are consistently cutting back and forth between cameras. I never worry about matching because I always have Schneider filters on each lens."

M. David Mullen Interview  

M. David Mullen, ASC

"The Century Low Angle Prism is the best tool when you're shooting a police drama and you have the inevitable dead body on the ground."

Brian J. Reynolds Interview  

Brian J. Reynolds

"On day exteriors HD cameras are usually set on the blue side. Drop a Sahara Gold in and it gives you the perfect amount of warmth."

Nancy Schreiber Interview  

Nancy Schreiber, ASC

"I'm a long-time fan of the Classic SoftT. It is the best wrinkle remover ever-and it is light enough to use on digital and film."

Jay Schweitzer Interview  

Jay Schweitzer

"Without Attenuators to gradually bring the sun down in time laps photography you're dead in the water."

Don Thorin Jr. Interview  

Don Thorin Jr.

"Classic Blacks give a shot personality. Without being obvious, they add a freshness and character you can't get any other way - even in post."

William Webb Interview  

William Webb

"What the Classic Black SoftT does in maintaining the look in HD is priceless! The subtle pop reminds me of what film does. Schneider is the Rolls Royce of glass."


DP Interviews shot by Joel Lipton using Schneider's Cine-Xenar Lenses on a Canon 7D Camera.