Schneider Optics Announces Two New Dealers in Germany

Ira Tiffen joins Schneider Optics as VP of Motion Picture Filters

Schneider becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of Chrosziel

Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

Visible through Near IR (400 - 1000nm)

The 2/3” format lenses are designed for a spectral range of 400-1000 nm and can be used in the visible and near infrared range, with no focus adjustment required.

The high optical performance is achieved by a sophisticated optical design and the use of ultra-low dispersion glass. A special broadband coating reduces stray light and increases transmission over the whole spectral range.

The lenses are available with manual, motorized or video signal controlled iris, which makes them suitable for a wide variety of megapixel applications.

These lenses offer:

  • Spectral sensitivity optimized for CCD cameras
  • Usability in both visible and infrared range(400-1000+nm)
  • Higher sensitivity obtained because of greater spectral bandwidth (especially with artificial light approximately 1.5 f/stops)
  • Broadband coating with reduced stray light and increased transmission
  • Reduced color aberrations due to use of ultra-low dispersion glass
  • Minimal geometric distortion
  • Improved illumination distribution
  • Increased modulation

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Industrial Motorized Iris with DC Control (6 items)

Industrial Manual Iris (7 items)