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Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

Industrial Mounting Flanges

A mounting flange is a device for attaching a lens to a lens board without the need to tap the large hole that is drilled in the lens board. Once the appropriately-sized hole is drilled, the mounting flange is placed over the hole and four small holes are drilled and tapped to secure the flange to the lens board. The lens is screwed into the mounting flange, which secures it to the lens board.

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Stock CodeDescription
92-056014 62mm X 0.75 FLANGE (COPAL #3)
$82.00 EA
92-056012 50mm X 0.75 FLANGE
$72.00 EA
92-056015 66mm X 0.75 FLANGE
$87.00 EA
92-056017 90mm X 1.00 FLANGE
$128.00 EA
92-022427 32.5mm X 0.50 FLANGE
$51.00 EA
92-056009 25mm X 0.50 FLANGE
$62.00 EA
92-056010 39mm X 0.75 FLANGE (COPAL #1)
$62.00 EA
92-056013 55MM X 0.75 FLANGE
$77.00 EA
92-056011 LEICA FLANGE (39mm X 26TPI)
$62.00 EA