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Chrosziel MatteBoxes & SunShades

MatteBox: A matte box is generally referred to as a rod mounted unit.

SunShade: Sunshades clamp on to the lens, and most can be rod mounted as well with the addition of an optional 420-02 center bracket for 15mm LWS.

Chrosziel offers a broad range of matte boxes and sunshades to fit every need and budget.
From our 602-01, 6.6x6.6 matte box for large Cine Style lens, to our economical CMB-R20 clamp on sunshade using 4x4 filters for small video and DSLR cameras. All have a rotatable rear stage for use with your polarizer filters and all include a top flag, side flags are optional on most models.

See below for our selection of 3x3, 4x4, 4x5.65, 5x5, 5.65x5.65 and 6.6x6.6 Chrosziel systems.

Offering multiple filter stages, depending on the model and application, the Chrosziel matte boxes and sunshades are a great tool for controlling light and creating special effects using Schneider filters. With ease of use with optional swing away brackets, installing and changing your lens becomes a quick and simple operation. While most matte boxes are offered in 15mm LWS mounting, the 602-01 can be ordered in a 19mm or 15mm rod mount and any 15mm mount unit can be used with 15mm studio spacing or 19mm rods with the addition of one of our many optional rod adapters.

See our lens diameter chart from the above pull down menu to select your correct adapter rings, or just order one of our many matte box kits that will include the proper matte box, adapter ring and LWS support base for your camera application. Kits are offered both with and without follow focus units which can be selected from the below list or though our "select by camera" menu. If you need PL or Canon mount lens to complete your camera kit, check out our Cine-Xenar lens for sharp focus and up to 4K coverage at an economical price. Recommended starter filter kits are available too!

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