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Chrosziel Follow Focuses

Proper focus "on set" is critical and sometimes adjusting the lens focus directly on the lens barrel by hand is not a great solution. Chrosziel offers several different follow focus units for precision focus. With a reduced gear ratio, using a manual focus control allows more precise focus. Using the focus crank or one of several available different lengths "whips" allow you to focus from a distance, therefore not disturbing, or "rocking the camera" so you don't wind up with a jittery shot. The 203-01, designed for video cameras and the 204-01 designed for film and single imager digital cameras, also allow an optional right hand wheel, so a camera assistant can focus the lens. The crank and whip work with it as well of course. All Chrosziel Follow Focus units offer a removable marking disk for quick setups. Focus gears are available in all the standard pitch's.

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