Schneider Optics Announces Two New Dealers in Germany

Schneider becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of Chrosziel

Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

Chrosziel SunShade Retaining Rings

Sun Shade rings are available in three outside diameter rings, 104, 110 and 130mm. Sun Shade rings are easily identifiable by the "slot" in the ring, which allows them to compress when the Sun Shade retaining screw is tightened, which secures the Sun Shade to the Lens.

Contact Schneider Optics or your local authorized Chrosziel dealer for the correct ring for your application.

A complete listing of these rings will be coming soon.

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Stock CodeDescription
C-411-15 STEP-DOWN RING 104:62MM HVR-V1
$77.00 EA
C-411-14 STEP-DOWN RING 104:M72MM
$77.00 EA
C-411-14L STEP-DOWN RING 104:M72MM S270
$77.00 EA
C-411-09 STEP-DOWN RING 104:M77MM
$77.00 EA
C-411-13 STEP-DOWN RING 104:M82MM
$77.00 EA
C-411-72 STEP-DOWN RING 110:M72MM
$92.00 EA
C-411-77 STEP-DOWN RING 110:M77MM
$92.00 EA
C-411-82 STEP-DOWN RING 110:M82MM
$92.00 EA
C-840-20 CLAMP ADAPTOR 130MM FOR 840
$456.00 EA
C-420-03 STEP-DOWN RING 104:100MM
$58.00 EA
C-411-67 STEP-DOWN RING 130:110MM
$144.00 EA
C-411-60 STEP-DOWN RING 130:110MM
$108.00 EA
C-411-58 STEP-UP RING 130:132MM
$174.00 EA