iPro Lens System

Take your Mobile Photography to the next level with the iPro Lens System - the only Professional iPhone Add-on Lens option.

The idea behind the iPro is not to offer you another camera, but enhance the one you already have. Your Smartphone. Each lens easily twists on and off and lets you capture more in every shot. The pocket-sized lens case securely protects your lenses, doubles as a universal tripod mount, and also makes a comfortable handle. And the rugged iPhone® case for your iPhone® or Galaxy S4 is specially engineered to effortlessly accept the lenses and tripod mount. Suddenly your Smartphone is even cooler than you thought it was.

The iPro Lens supports the iPhone® 6/6S Plus, 6/6S, 5/5S, 4/4S and the Samsung® Galaxy S4 with FIVE lenses to choose from! Now you’ll have the ability to build a Professional Lens System for your specific iPhoneography needs!

iPro Lenses:

  • Macro S2
  • Super Wide S2
  • Wide Angle S2
  • Fisheye S2
  • Start with the iPro Lens Starter Pack for either the iPhone® 6/6S Plus, 6/6S, 5/5S or 4/4S or the Samsung® Galaxy S4: Includes Case and Combi Handle. Then pick your lenses! (Each lens comes with the handle extension piece to expand the handle as your system grows.)

    For our loyal iPro Customers who purchased the Original lenses for the iPhone® 4/4S and have updated to the iPhone® 5/5S we have a special Series 1 case just for you! Click Here

    For more information and images examples please visit www.iprolens.com

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