Schneider Optics Announces Two New Dealers in Germany

Schneider becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of Chrosziel

Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

MPTV Color Graduated

All Schneider Graduated Color filters are part clear and part color. They are designed to be used in professional matte boxes, so that they are readily positioned at the exact angle required to create desired effects.

Graduated Color filters, designed to provide a wide range of photographic effects, work well with sky, foliage and skin tones. They can be combined with each other, or with other filters, to provide a virtually limitless range of breathtaking effects.

Schneider makes both soft-edge and hard-edge Graduated Color filters. Typically soft-edge filters are used with wide to medium-angle lenses because these lenses have greater depth of field. Hard-edge filters are preferred for use with telephoto lenses or for bold transitions.

MPTV Amber Grad (26 items)

MPTV Antique Suede Grad (28 items)

MPTV Coral Grad (37 items)

MPTV Gold Grad (31 items)

MPTV Golden Sepia Grad (26 items)

MPTV Chocolate Grad (31 items)

MPTV Tobacco Grad (31 items)

MPTV Magenta Grad (20 items)

MPTV Paradise Blue Grad (36 items)

MPTV Sapphire Blue Grad (32 items)

MPTV Storm Blue Grad (30 items)

MPTV Classic Sunset (6 items)