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Variable Prime

Variable Prime lenses are cinema projection lenses with a variable focal length of 7%, designed to allow precise control of picture size while maintaining the highest image quality standards of our prime lenses.

To continue to address the needs of today's multiplex designers, Schneider has developed the first series of Variable Prime projection lenses. The Variable Prime VP-CINELUX series consists of 13 lenses that have the unique property of adjustable focal length. With their 7% range of picture size adjustment, the image they project can be precisely sized to fit the screen. These lenses are correctly called Variable Prime lenses. They are not zoom lenses, so they don't have the performance compromises and light-loss associated with zooms. They are all fast F/2 lenses, projecting large quantities of light and producing bright, uniformly illuminated, high-resolution images even on the largest of screens.

Modern stadium theatres with very large screens have the potential to provide a powerful cinematic experience. By matching lens focal length precisely to screen size, all available light and image are put on the screen, and not wasted in the masking. Variable Prime VP-CINELUX projection lenses deliver correctly-sized images with the high performance in resolution, contrast, and screen brightness that you have come to expect from all Schneider lenses.

The new Variable Prime VP-CINELUX is the only adjustable focal length lens series available for 35mm film projection. They have none of the image and resolution compromises that are inherent in the old-style magnifiers or other adapters. Schneider Variable Primes are available in overlapping focal lengths ranging from 28.9 to 61.1mm, all at F/2.0.

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Stock CodeDescription
53-025577 VP CINELUX 28.9MM-31.3MM
$3,924.00 EA
53-025577B VP CINELUX 28.9MM-31.3MM "B"
$2,755.00 EA
53-025578 VP CINELUX 30.8MM-33.3MM
$3,630.00 EA
53-025579 VP CINELUX 33.3MM-35.9MM
$3,630.00 EA
53-025580 VP CINELUX 35.8MM-38.6MM
$3,630.00 EA
53-025581 VP CINELUX 38.3MM-41.3MM
$3,630.00 EA
53-025581B VP CINELUX 38.3MM-41.3MM "B"
$2,600.00 EA
53-025582 VP CINELUX 41.1MM-44.3MM
$3,521.00 EA
53-025585 VP CINELUX 48.5MM-52.3MM
$3,521.00 EA
53-025586 VP CINELUX 51.0MM-54.9MM
$3,521.00 EA
53-025611 VP-CINELUX 53.7MM-58.0MM
$3,521.00 EA
53-025612 VP-CINELUX 56.4MM-60.8MM
$3,521.00 EA
53-025632 VP-CINELUX 59.2MM-63.7MM
$3,521.00 EA
53-025583 VP-CINELUX 43.4MM-46.9MM
$3,521.00 EA
53-025584 VP-CINELUX 46.2MM-49.8MM
$3,521.00 EA