Clairmont Swing/Shift System

The Clairmont Swing/Shift System utilizes bellows, swings, tilts, rises, falls, and shifts to provide view camera controls to film cameras. Filmmakers can distort the shape of a subject, remove an unwanted object from the frame, or shoot straight into a mirror without catching the camera's reflection.

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Stock Code Description
List Price
 CSS-BELO-00 Clairmont Swing Shift Bellows 35mm
$18,500.00 EA
$10,300.00 EA
 CSS-SB15-00 Support Interface, Arri 15mm
$600.00 EA
 CSS-0170-00 17mm F/4 Swing Shift Lens
$4,900.00 EA
 CSS-0240-00 24mm F3.5 Swing Shift Lens
$3,900.00 EA
 CSS-0450-00 45mm F2.8 Swing Shift Lens
$3,900.00 EA
 CSS-0900-00 90mm F2.8 Swing Shift Lens
$3,900.00 EA
 CSS-1500-00 150mm F3.5 Swing Shift Lens
$2,900.00 EA
  Total System (items purchased separately)
$30,400.00 EA
  Purchased as a Packaged System
$27,360.00 EA

19mm Support Interface Available. Inquire.
Prices subject to change without notice. Call for availability.