DVDDVD - 5 Essential Filters
for DVD Production

Using the proper filtration while shooting is a better way to control image rather than relying on iffy and expensive post-production to save a shot. On this DVD you will learn how to balance exposure, control depth of field, compensate for limited dynamic range, reduce glare, and control reflections with the new Century Essential Filter Kit.

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The Century Essential-5 consists of the following 4x4 filters:

  • Polarizer - Reduce glare & unwanted reflections, improve contrast, & saturate colors.
  • ND .6 Solid - Control exposure or depth of field.
  • ND .6 Soft Edge Graduated - Balance exposure & compensate for limited dynamic range.
  • Black Frost 1/2 Diffusion Filter - Flair highlights, tone down contrast, get rich blacks.
  • Warming Skintone Enhancer - Get better color saturation of flesh & other warm tones.
  • Plus a Multi-compartment Pouch