Chrosziel GmbH, established in 1973, is a successfully expanding company in the motion-picture and television market. They develop and manufacture precision mechanical, optical and electronical products such as MatteBoxes, SunShades, Fluid-Zoom-Drives, follow-focus-controls like the Studio Rig and DV Studio Rig which meet the highest user expectations. Their wireless remote control systems DigiFOX follow focus and multichannel lenscontrol Aladin are unsurpassed in reliability and precision. Furthermore, they produce hands-on equipment for service and day-by-day testing of lenses and cameras such as the Universal CamCollimator, Lens CamCollimator and the Projector MK5.

Select by Camera
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MatteBoxes & SunShades
Block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare.
Follow Focuses
Allows the operator to be more efficient and precise.
Plates, Supports & Rods
Helps to support your camera accessories.
Serves as a support for follow-focus systems, lens supports and more.
Fluid Zoom Drives
Provides precise manual smooth zooms.
Lens Supports
Designed to support the weight of a heavy lens.
Lens Cables
Cable connector for use with Fujinon zoom lenses.
Hand-held Supports
Lightweight yet rugged hand-held supports for smaller cameras.
Remote Controls
Provides greater flexibility for controlling lenses, stereoscopic 3D rigs, and on-camera lighting wirelessly.
ViewFinder Extensions
Offers a 2x focusable magnification with a higher contrast ratio.
Create your own cage to fit any size of camera.
Test Equipment
Precise instruments designed for the testing, checking, and adjustment of a given lens to a camera body.
Brochures and product information in PDF format.