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Keystone Corrector

The Schneider Optics Cinelux PC Keystone Corrector is designed to shift lenses in film projectors for the purpose of keystone correction in Cinemas and Screening Rooms. It replaces the 4" lens mount (adapter collar) used to mount standard 70.6mm diameter projection lenses in many projectors.

Designed to shift lenses in a straight line, adjustment is straightforward and intuitive. The adapter is constructed so that adjustments to the lens position and locking of the lens position can be done from the front, while the lens and adapter are mounted in the projector.

Keystone distortion is caused by tilting the projector away from a level and square position. Correction is done by squaring and leveling the projector. The image is then moved back into the desired position on the screen by shifting the lens in the deisred direction. Each film format will require a different amount of shift. Calculation and modeling of keystone control can be done with the Schneider Optics Theatre Design Pro Version 3.0.

The Cinelux PC Keystone Corrector can only be used in projectors that accept the 4 inch diameter lens mount.

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