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Wide Angle

Up to now there were no genuine wide-angle focal lengths for view cameras with digital backs because the digital chip formats are considerably smaller than the conventional film formats. The corresponding lenses for 35mm cameras have no shutters and allow no camera adjustment because the image circle is usually only 43mm.

This is why we developed new wide-angle Digitar lenses. These meet the high quality requirements con for contrast and resolution, correction of distortion, and absence of color fringes. At the same time, with an image circle of 60 to 110 mm they have capacity for adjustment, correction of perspective, “converging lines” as well as for depth of field control according to the Scheimpflug law. In short, everything you'd expect from a professional large format lens.

In addition to the standard lens and shutter option, Schneider wide-angle Digitars are also available pre-mounted on a recessed lens board.

Pre-Mounted on Recessed Lens Board (12 items)

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Stock CodeDescription
03-013498 DIGITAR 28/2.8 COPAL #0
$2,727.00 EA
03-017691 APO-DIGITAR 47/5.6 SES
$3,121.00 EA
03-010427 APO-DIGITAR 24/5.6 SES
$4,372.00 EA
03-013255 APO-DIGITAR 47/5.6 COPAL #0
$1,918.00 EA
03-1064041 APO-DIGITAR XL 43/5.6 COPAL #0
$3,629.00 EA
03-1064042 APO-DIGITAR XL 43/5.6 SES
$4,911.00 EA
03-1064996 SUPER-DIGITAR XL28/5.6 COPAL#0
$5,739.00 EA
03-1064998 SUPER-DIGITAR XL28/5.6 SES
$7,228.00 EA
03-010353 APO-DIGITAR 24/5.6 COPAL #0
$3,149.00 EA
03-1002943 APO-DIGITAR 35/5.6 COPAL #0
$3,364.00 EA
03-1003254 APO-DIGITAR 35/5.6 SES
$4,586.00 EA