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Industrial Compact C-Mount Lenses

Preferable to many conventional C-Mount lenses for their high vibration stability and light construction, these compact lenses are corrected for the spectral range of 400 - 1000nm on megapixel cameras. High vibration stability for factory environments is one of the requests which is not often fulfilled by conventional C-Mount lenses available on the market because of their light construction. In addition, the lenses need to be small in size and should have a locking mechanism for both iris and focus.

The new megapixel, Compact Series manufactured by Schneider Optics incorporates all these features.

In order to offer high-quality lenses at reasonable prices, the Compact Series uses the same optics as our IR-corrected 400-1000nm series. Thus, the optical performance of these lenses is perfectly suited to meet the requirements for the 1/3, 1/2, and 2/3 inch image formats. By reducing some mechanical parts in the design, the price of the Compact Series is considerably below that of the 400-1000nm series.

All Schneider Optics 2/3 inch Near IR (NIR) lenses are optically corrected from visible to near infrared light.

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