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Industrial Macro Lens System

The compact and robust Macro System,consisting of Schneider enlarging lenses in a special diaphragm body, helical mount, extension rings and camera adapters, is the best choice for close-up and macro images on larger format, megapixel cameras. The system can be adapted on many different cameras for photographic, industrial, and scientific applications. The lenses can be mounted in reverse position for enlarged imaging without any additional accessory.

Normal lenses used for photography typically produce good imagery in the range of 1: to 1:10. With larger magnifications, the optical performance of these lenses falls off considerably. Even so-called macro lenses, which are corrected for magnifications from 1: to 1:2 or 1:1, are an optical compromise.

The Macro System enables the use of Schneider enlarging lenses to capture the highest quality close-up and macro images. These lenses are designed exclusively for close-up scales of about 1:20 to 1:1.

The Macro System provides a uniform interface with 3 lock-screws that engage into a groove. This guarantees a stable and durable connection and makes it possible to use multiple combinations of the individual components.Due to good mechanical stability, the Macro System is also very suitable for industrial use.

Consult our Selection of Components page for more information, or contact an optical engineer for help designing your system.

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