Schneider Optics Announces Two New Dealers in Germany

Ira Tiffen joins Schneider Optics as VP of Motion Picture Filters

Schneider becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of Chrosziel

Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

Wide Angle DiStar Lenses

Schneider Optics now offers 10 lenses in its Wide-angle Digital Cinema range, designed for Series II 2K/4K Texas Instruments DLP Digital Cinema projectors by BARCO, CHRISTIE and NEC. The suite of 10 wide-angle lenses feature throw ratios between 0.72:1 and 1.36:1.

All DiStar lenses are f2.5, and seven of the lenses are provided with interchangeable high contrast and high brightness apertures. The user can choose which aperture to use based on the particular requirements of each system.

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Stock CodeDescription
54-1036584 CINE-DIGITAR 2.5/38-0003
$10,400.00 EA
I001.00150.30.0C DISTAR 22.4MM CHRISTIE CALL
54-015032 DISTAR+HD 28.0MM W/ FOCUS MT
$25,000.00 EA
54-015033 DISTAR+HD 29.4MM W/ FOCUS MT
$25,000.00 EA
54-015034 DISTAR+HD 30.8MM W/ FOCUS MT
$25,000.00 EA
54-015035 DISTAR+HD 32.2MM W/ FOCUS MT
$25,000.00 EA
54-015036 DISTAR+HD 33.6MM W/ FOCUS MT
$25,000.00 EA
54-015037 DISTAR+HD 35.0MM W/ FOCUS MT
$25,000.00 EA
54-015038 DISTAR+HD 36.4MM W/ FOCUS MT
$25,000.00 EA