Schneider Optics Announces Two New Dealers in Germany

Schneider becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of Chrosziel

Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

MPTV ND Attenuators

Schneider Neutral Density (ND) Attenuators are designed to control overall exposure and/or various lighting conditions, without affecting color or contrast. In addition to permitting the use of high speed film in bright lighting conditions, they offer significant versatility. Neutral Density Attenuators diminish distracting backgrounds by permitting the use of wider lens apertures, thereby reducing depth of field. Conversely, these ND Attenuators can be used to properly expose varying light levels within a given frame. They allow the amount of light reaching the film to be controlled without relying solely on the camera aperture.

As with all Schneider filters, Neutral Density Attenuators are made using the finest crystal-clear, water-white optical glass, and are precision engineered with unparalleled smoothness, uniformity and consistency. ND Attenuators can be used alone or in combination with other Schneider filters with no degradation of image quality.

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MPTV 4"x4" ND Attenuators (6 items)

MPTV 4"x5.65" ND Attenuator - Horizontal (6 items)

MPTV 4"x5.65" ND Attenuator - Vertical (6 items)

MPTV 5"x5" ND Attenuators (4 items)

MPTV 5.65"x5.65" ND Attenuators (5 items)

MPTV 6.6"x6.6" ND Attenuators (6 items)