Apo-Symmar "L"

The Apo-Symmar-"L" series of lenses replaces the well-proven original Apo-Symmar. As some glass types have been phased out for environmental reasons, new designs with substitute formations were necessary. Seizing the opportunity, Schneider-Kreuznach has now completely re-designed this successful, all-purpose lens to bring it up to the current state-of-the-art of lens design and fabrication.

The covering power has been expanded in nearly all cases and the imaging performance further optimized. The current focal lengths and the principle technical specifications are shown in the table here.

Used according to the maximum photo format, the focal lengths between 120 and 480 mm offered by the new "L-Series" deliver normal perspective pictures without wide angle or telephoto effects.

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Stock CodeDescription
01-029328 APO-SYMMAR-L 120/5.6 COPAL #0
$1,250.00 EA
01-029416 APO-SYMMAR-L 150/5.6 COPAL #0
$1,342.00 EA
01-029420 APO-SYMMAR-L 180/5.6 COPAL #1
$1,707.00 EA
01-029423 APO-SYMMAR-L 210/5.6 COPAL #1
$1,849.00 EA
01-029428 APO-SYMMAR-L 480/8.4 COPAL #3
$5,116.00 EA