The Apo-Tele-Xenar is a compact and lightweight 5 element telephoto lens system with apochramatic correction and high contrast for brilliant photographs without color fringing. The short flange focal distance resulting from the telephoto design of the lens makes possible a focal length 30% to 40% longer than the maximum camera extension normally allows. Furthermore, the Apo-Tele-Xenars f9/600 and f12/800 are modular in design with an interchangeable rear component so that it is possible to have both focal lengths in your lens arsenal with the purchase of one complete lens and a second rear component only.

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Stock CodeDescription
05-1057498 APO-TELE-XENAR 11/350 CMP CPL1
$1,091.00 EA
05-1057502 APO-TELE-XENAR 11.0/350 TUBE
$82.00 EA
05-028171 APO-TELE-XENAR 9/600 COPAL 3
$5,223.00 EA
05-028183 TXR REAR GROUP 12/800
$1,714.00 EA
05-011383 APO-TELE-XENAR 250 F /5.6
$2,012.00 EA
05-028173 APO-TELE-XENAR 12/800 COPAL 3
$5,538.00 EA
05-032676 APO-TELE-XENAR 5.6/400 CM CPL3
$2,888.00 EA
05-028182 TXR REAR GROUP 9.0/600
$1,395.00 EA