Fine Art XXL

In order to achieve maximum sharpness, reproduction of detail, and richness of tonal values, many serious photographers worldwide are opting to use very large cut-film formats between 8"x10" and 20"x24". The Schneider Fine Art XXL lenses are specially designed to address these demanding formats, with focal lengths from 550 to 1100 mm. Both lenses are distinguished by outstanding optical properties, such as low distortion, evenly high resolution over the entire image circle of 900mm and large adjustment reserves, even with the popular 7"x17" and 8"x20" panorama formats.

The 1100 XXL lens is optionally available with the Copal 3 shutter with the maximum aperture of F22, or with a cylinder body with plug-in diaphragms, a maximum aperture of F14, and flange mounting. The smallest diaphragm opening is in each case F128. In addition, all XXL lenses have a filter thread in front and in back.

The new XXL product line is the result of exclusive, small-scale manufacturing. This commitment to detail is further indicated by the fact that each lens's initial owner can have his or her name engraved on the nameplate ring of the elegant brass mount at no charge. (Future owners may have the same done at cost.)

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04-1003433 FINE ART XXL 550/11 COPAL #3
$8,026.00 EA