Super-Angulon XL

The Super-Angulon XL is the latest 8-element, wide-angle design for large format photography with an angle of view of 120 degrees. The extension of angle of view makes possible maximum camera movements and overcomes many more problems which may confront the exacting professional. The Super-Angulon XL uses the latest technology to attain outstanding performance. These characteristics give the Super-Angulon XL an outstanding position in ultra-wide-angle photography, and it is the most successful addition to a range of already high-quality lenses.

Excellent contrast and resolving power are proven characteristics of these lenses. Another feature of the Super-Angulon is its unusually wide angle of view of 100 degrees when stopped down.

For each Super-Angulon, special Center-Filters are available, partial compensation for the natural brightness decrease of the wide-angle lenses towards the edge.

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Stock CodeDescription
02-016819 SUPER-ANGULON XL 58/5.6 CPL #0
$1,991.00 EA
02-016823 SUPER-ANGULON XL 90/5.6 CPL #0
$2,752.00 EA
02-025044 SUPER-ANGULON XL 47/5.6 CPL #0
$2,401.00 EA
02-025587 SUPER-ANGULON XL 72/5.6 CPL #0
$2,603.00 EA
02-043260 SUPER-ANGULON XL 38/5.6 CPL #0
$2,503.00 EA