Super-Symmar XL Aspheric

The Super-Symmar XL Aspheric lenses are part of a new generation of aspheric photographic lenses of a very compact design. The 6-element, 4-component aspherics have a 105 degree angle of view. The image circle is similar to a Super-Angulon of a comparable focal length, while further improving the quality of the image at the same time. Because of their high tolerance for different magnification ratios the lenses lead themselves ideally for the most demanding studio applications.

The Super-Symmar XL Aspheric is designed specifically for wide-angle photography and, with the exceptional angle of view of 105 degrees, offers extreme camera movements required for both architectural and dynamic studio photography.

In comparison to the standard Super-Angulons of comparable focal length, the relative aperture has been increased due to the high-precision, aspherical lens elements, resulting in a brighter and more uniform screen image.

With new technology in glass manufacturing and specially designed aspherical lenses, chromatic aberration in the image field has been cut in half, providing considerably better image quality than that of standard wide-angle systems. Color fringing, especially at small scale ratios is almost entirely eradicated. The overall dimensions of these new lenses have been reduced considerably in comparison to standard wide-angle lenses. The Super-Symmar XL lenses offer the greatest flexibility for both architectural and dynamic studio photography.

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01-025213 SUPER-SYMMAR XL 210/5.6 CPL #3
$5,164.00 EA
01-1036505 SUPER-SYMMAR XL 150/5.6 CPL #1
$3,376.00 EA
01-1036503 SUPER-SYMMAR XL 110/5.6 CPL #1
$2,640.00 EA
01-035535 SUPER-SYMMAR XL 80/4.5 COPAL 0
$2,650.00 EA