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MPTV Color Temperature Blue (CTB)

Many of today’s HD sensors are designed to work best in a daylight balanced lighting spectrum. With presets that compensate for tungsten light, this often raises significant noise in color channels under difficult low light conditions.

Schneider’s CTB filter line balances color temperature from tungsten toward daylight in incremental steps. Users then have control to correct as much or as little of the exposure as desired. So they can color correct while maintaining low noise levels at minimal light level.

The new CTB filter line has been designed to correspond to existing lighting color correction standards, offering a range of correction for most situations. Stop loss is 0.17 for the eighth, 0.24 for the quarter and 0.34 for the half.

These filters maintain a high MTF (modulation transfer function).

MPTV Square & Rectangular Temperature Blue (11 items)