The Schneider Componon-S lenses are recognized industry-wide as a top-performing range of professional enlarging lenses. They are 6-element, 4-group lenses with special optical glass that are superbly corrected for a flat field, high-contrast transfer, and excellent definition over the whole field. With their high level of color correction, they are also ideal for top-quality color enlargements in enlargers using either opal lamps or cold-cathode lighting. The high performance of the Componon-S is maintained even at high magnifications and in distortion control setups.

Mechanically, the Componon-S lenses are specially matched to enlarging requirements. The aperture ring with a linear f-stop scale -- for focal lengths 135mm to 210mm with illuminated iris scale -- has click stops at full and half steps.

Componon-S lenses of 50mm to 100mm focal lengths are fitted in a new barrel mount with a luminous aperture scale, click stops which can be disengaged, and a preset aperture control. With this system the iris can be opened after stopping down to the desired aperture for final cropping adjustment or fine focusing. A lever then returns the iris to the previously selected working aperture shown on the luminous scale.

The Schneider Componon-S range of top-level enlarging lenses superbly meets all optical requirements of professional enlarging.

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11-039569 COMPONON-S 135/5.6 50MM MOUNT
$1,312.00 EA
11-039570 COMPONON-S 150/5.6 50mm MOUNT
$1,506.00 EA
11-012720 COMPONON-S 100/5.6 M32.5X0.50
$508.00 EA
11-014022 COMPONON-S 100/5.6 LEICA
$864.00 EA
11-014850 COMPONON-S 80/4.0 LEICA
$643.00 EA
11-016828 COMPONON-S 50/2.8 LEICA
$569.00 EA
11-037185 COMPONON-S 80/4.0 BARREL #00
$424.00 EA