MPTV True-Streak

Create dramatic effects simply and easily in camera with the Schneider True-Streakā„¢ Filter family. These exciting out-of-the-box filters are made from the same water white optical glass for which Schneider is famous.

The original True-Streak filters re-create the classic Anamorphic streak effect without the use of expensive anamorphic lenses. Traditionally the Blue True-Streak filters are used to create this effect, and to not limit your imagination we also have 8 other colors to choose from, as well as Clear.

As an expansion of the True-Streak family, we have also created the Rainbow, Confetti and the Star True-Streak to really bring your vision into a full spectrum of colors. Click on the links below for more information and examples.

True-StreakĀ® Filters

MPTV True-Streak (120 items)

MPTV Confetti-Streak (5 items)

MPTV Star-Streak (8 items)

MPTV Rainbow Streak (3 items)