This complete series of digital photographic lenses, with a focal length range of 28 to 150mm, has been especially designed to meet the needs of digital photography.

They provide the ultra-high resolution required by today's CCD sensors and by the next generation, as well. This assures the highest possible image quality.

The complete Digitar series covers a broad spectrum of applications. As with all Schneider large format lenses, Digitar lenses offer outstanding clarity and sharpness over their entire image fields. Their large image circles enable all the tilt and shift adjustments of professional studio cameras to be used in digital photography. This ensures that professional photographers can meet all their quality requirements whenever they shoot with high-resolution digital backs. Furthermore, because Digitar lenses also provide outstanding, superior imaging quality with standard photographic film, photographers now need purchase only one set of lenses to have the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Digitar Lenses? (PDF)

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Telephoto (6 items)