MPTV True-Streak

Create dramatic streak effects simply and easily in camera with new Schneider True-Streak'' Fllters. These exciting out-of-the-box filters are made from the same water white optical glass for which Schneider is famous.

True-Streaks are available in a variety of colors so you can create effects in Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Violet, Pink, Gold as well as Clear. Versatile True-Streaks are each available in your choice of four strengths including 1mm (strongest); 2mm; 3mm to 4mm, which is the most subtle. .

Schneider Optics True-Streaks come in 4x4,4x5,65 and 6.6x6,6 sizes ready to work with standard matteboxes. So whether you want a creative way to enhance night exteriors, highlight reflections off chrome surfaces, wow them with vibrant rock 'n roll illumination or achieve other stand-out imagery - choose Schneider Optics True-Streaks to liven the look with stunning effects.

MPTV True-Streak Blue (14 items)

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MPTV True-Streak Violet (14 items)

MPTV True-Streak Pink (14 items)

MPTV True-Streak Green (14 items)

MPTV True-Streak Orange (14 items)

MPTV True-Streak Yellow (14 items)

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