B+W Filter Holder & Accessories

A new series of B+W rectangular and square ND glass filters are a perfect expansion line for the discerning still photographer. The ND 701 (1 stop) and 702 (2 stop) are available in both solid and graduated (soft gradation). A special light-weight filter holder is available to mount the filters onto your lenses with a simple adapter ring available in various sizes to adapt to your entire lens line. The holder allows you to mount up to three of the filters together for maximum light control, as well as an internal thread for mounting a round Polarizing filter which can be rotated without affecting the alignment of the other filters.
The filters are only 2mm thick and keeps the entire system light enough for your lens to hold.

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Stock CodeDescription
65-1089607 4X4 FILTER HOLDER
$60.00 EA
65-1089608 67MM ADAPTER
$37.00 EA
65-1089609 72MM ADAPTER
$37.00 EA
65-1089610 77MM ADAPTER
$37.00 EA
65-1089611 82MM ADAPTER
$37.00 EA