Schneider Optics Announces Two New Dealers in Germany

Schneider becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of Chrosziel

Schneider introduces new Vari-ND filters

MPTV Coral Grad

A Coral graduated filter can be used to color balance a portion of the scene, leaving a portion uncorrected (therefore cold or blue). As a color-effects filter, a Coral graduated filter can be used to warm a landscape or enhance an evening sky.

This filter is available in strengths of 1/2, 1, 2, and 3. These strengths achieve a subtle, moderate, or bold effect.

Schneider makes both soft-edge(SE) and hard-edge(HE) Graduated Color filters. Typically, soft-edge filters are used with wide to medium-angle lenses because these lenses have greater depth of field. Hard-edge filters are preferred for use with telephoto lenses or for bold transitions.

MPTV 4"x4" Coral Grad (6 items)

MPTV 4"x5.65" Coral - Horizontal (7 items)

MPTV 4"x5.65" Coral - Vertical (3 items)

MPTV 5"x5" Coral Grad (8 items)

MPTV 5.65"x5.65" Coral Grad (8 items)

MPTV 6.6"x6.6" Coral Grad (5 items)