Schneider Optics has engineered a major improvement in motion picture and broadcast television image quality with the Schneider filter line. Diamond cut from crystal-clear, water-white optical glass, Schneider filters are ground and polished to a precise flatness and planeparallelism (the exact parallel relationship between the front and back filter surfaces that is so important to optical performance). Then, to ensure perfection, this is verified by a laser interferometer. Schneider filters are also checked with a densitometer for consistent density, and tested for proper light transmission with a spectrophotometer. Because all Schneider filters are designed and manufactured with the highest possible degree of consistency, you can swap like filters mid-shoot with no discernible variation in color or effect. The unprecedented purity, color saturation and repeatability of Schneider filters virtually eliminate the need for lab color timing corrections caused by other filters. This puts more creative control where it belongs, in your hands.

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