Digital Projection

Schneider lenses for digital projection systems are built to the same high standards that have made our lenses for film projection world-renowned for superior sharpness, highly efficient light transmission, low distortion, and faithful color rendition. As a result Schneider lenses are used in more theatres around the world than any other.

Realizing that digital cinema was coming, our engineers have been developing and testing Cine-Digitar lenses for years, and the results have proven to be phenomenal.

Fisheye Lens for 4K DLP

Polarizers for Dual Projector 3D

Lens support for Christie Projectors

DiStar Circular Polarizers for 3D Projection (5 items)

DiStar Lens Support (1 items)

Anamorphic Cine-Digitar (1 items)

Cine-Digitar Converters (5 items)

Wide Angle DiStar Lenses (11 items)

Neutral Density Projection Filters (12 items)