The "Death Lens"

Death Lens.3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter

The .3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter offers an extreme fisheye effect and a high degree of barrel distortion. It exaggerates depth by pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background. On the Canon GL2, the .3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter yields a horizontal viewing angle of 125° (180°, measured diagonally). The 35mm focal length equivalent is 13mm.

Fisheye in ActionWith its almost total depth of field and unmistakable style, the Fisheye is a must for action sports shooters.

An essential tool for extreme sports and dramatic action shooters, Century Fisheyes have been given the affectionate nickname "The Death Lens." Now with our exclusive integral shade/protector, the Century Fisheye is becoming known as "Jaws" or "The Bear Claw" — fitting names for the tool that's grabbing exciting footage for top action shooters everywhere.

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for 37mm Ultra Compacts
for 43mm HD Series
for 58mm Cameras
for Canon GL2/GL1
for Canon XH-G1 & XH-A1
for Canon XL-H1/H1A/H1S/XL2/XL1S/XL1
for Panasonic DVX100A/B
for Sony HDR-FX1 & HVR-Z1U
for Sony HVR-Z7U/S270U
for Sony PD170, PD150, VX2100, VX2000 and DSR-250