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Gauss Optics

Software that simplifies the task of determining the parameters for lenses needed for virtually any application.

Schneider's "Gaussoptik" is a software that simplifies the task of determining the parameters for lenses needed for virtually any application. This innovative software allows mechanical and electrical engineers to readily explore, analyze, modify and specify the optics and structure of their products at any stage of design or manufacturing, without direct assistance from an on-site optical engineer.

Typical industrial products requiring a lens assembly include scanners, diagnostic instruments, automatic readers, robotic vision systems, process control systems, security systems, and all kinds of machine vision systems. This program also allows traditional photographers to determine the precise focal lengths of lenses required to achieve appropriate image circles under varying circumstances of subject size, distance and film size. This software calculates depth-of-field and depth-of-focus tables at any object distance, magnification and f-number even when dealing with macro images. With Schneider's "Gaussoptik", the user simply enters a few basic known parameters. These can include height of subject (Object Size), preferred distance from subject to lens (Object Distance), and size of film or sensor surface (Image Plane). With the provision of just a few specifications, the software automatically calculates all other relevant parameters, suggests suitable existing lenses, and provides charts, tables and diagrams necessary to document the selection. Documentation is straightforward and can be viewed and printed from any word processing program to provide assistance with installation and program usage. Help menus are afforded for rapid access during operation.

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